Sunday, October 22, 2006

the reintroduction

So, It's been abit hectic around here recently so I havent had much opportunity to sit down and browse and post and recently, which is very bad of me I'm sorry, and when I say hectic I really don't mean wild partying, I wish, so don't get it twisted I've been in the Library alot, with a big mass of textbooks and Law journals.

Right, I'm basically gonna some up the past month with like a collection of name drops followed by adjectives to sum them up, so here we go, 'the hundreds fall line' very weak! 'the hundreds' still cool! 'Supreme' £110 for a box logo white tee! no fucking way! 'Nike' need to drop more sb's! 'Leeds' awesome! 'Bradford' lame! 'Don't believe the HypeBeast!' JEALOUS! 'Shows' always good! 'university' fuck it! 'the library' love it! 'chinese kids' I love them all!

Right down to the nitty gritty, this week is the 'Down To Nothing' 'Blacklisted' UK tour, yes! fucking shows!! so today Is kind of monday now, so I'm off to see them In Leeds tonight and if your reading this you need to get to that show!

And I'l be back on a more regular basis from now on, So I'l post when after the show tommorrow when I have something very interesting to tell you! be easy!