Tuesday, September 12, 2006

On the Party Tip

yo, So feeling kind of tired this morning, went to a really shit party last night, really wasn't worth the effort, and aload of nerds got aggro, like 10 of them 4 of us, and the poin blank refused to fight us, serious waste of my night.

On a lighter note, I was speaking to the lovely Tabatha last night and she informed me of updates on the blog over at MOB It's got some banging pictures of the Colette party, and some pictures of Tabatha's birthday, yo but don't take my word on it, just go read it for yourself.

It's now getting to the time of year where all the fall and autumn lines start emerging, and I recieved the all important Burton snowboard catalouge in the post this morning, every year they produce a beautiful catalouge, so perfect it should be a coffee table book, they really have it on point, and the product content is on point too, some really nice photos and artwork in there to break up the sections, really just makes me want to go snowboarding again.

As for stand out products I've got to say it is the new AK 2L jacket in the half tone print, which they have named Half-Life, really taking all over print to a new level, the took my favorite effect on paint shop, and turned it into a jacket, I mean last year the king jacket was the AK 3L in desert camo, but this just blows it away, the full range is now up on there website but I had to feature this straight up here.

Lastly for those of you that caught the BreezeBlock on radio 1 last night, some fucking mad tracks on there, had a preivew of the new Madlib track off the new StoneThrows release, Chrome Children, I got the new Madlib track and the MadVillian tracks a few weeks back on itunes, and there hot, more on that when it drops though.



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