Sunday, September 10, 2006

New Beginnings.

yo, It's a new blog don't really wanna' give it an introduction it's just gonna feature shows, local shit, and things were into. So heres the jump off, I managed to catch Mark Ronson's radio show on friday hosted by that guy Arron LaCrate from MilkCrate records and that multitasking newyork promoter socialite Oxy Cotton Tail.

I thought all this woman did was organise parties for a living but I was wrong, she suddenly starts freestyling over this beat, then I find out shes like a DJ and a rapper, I was pretty impressed with her ability, and I'm looking forward to any releases. The show is available for podcast just search itunes podcasts for Authentic shit.

Secondly, my personal favorite Weekly Drop, been dropping alot of mini episodes recently from the Magic tradeshow in las vegas and they've been mad funny, Rob and Jeff interviewed the infamous Stash, the Proof 7 crew, Bijules and the HomeRoom clothing boys.

In the coming weeks we should be seeing more short interviews from the drop, more people saying stuff they don't like! with the likes of weekly drop veterans Gabriel Urist and The Hundreds, then possibly Mighty Healthy, Talib Kweli, King Stampede and Artful Dodger.



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