Thursday, September 14, 2006

Daily Trawl

Easy, so today not much to report locally, so I'l give ya'll a breif round up of the internet happenings. So I ain't really down with this high fashion bullshit, thats for faggits and girls, but it's Olympus fashion week correct me if i'm wrong, and the Sara sweet 16 (infact 18) was on the runway modelling some items from the Kai Kuhne collection. check that shit over on MOB, she looks pretty damn good.

Ok so for those of you that are familiar with HIP in leeds, there online store openned this week, so you can purchase product right from the comfort of your home, aprently they'll be getting the new Supreme line in store, so for those of you who know/care I'm moving to bradford on Sunday, so I'l definatley be boucning over to Leeds to peep that.

The HIP online store looks pretty tight featuring alot quality brands, for example Stussy, Recon, OneTrueSaxon, Nike, MHI, Ralph lauren, Surrender, Bearbrick & Addict. It isn't fully fuctional, but give it time, should have full stock featured there soon.

So, right I've been meaning to post this for days, like when we started the blog, but never quite got round to it, personnally whenever I see the red Supreme box logo, I just naturally think 'quality' and fall line doesn't taint that image in any way, It only strenghthens it.

Ok so theres a couple of my favorite things, but checking the full line on has gotta be on your to do list for today, trust me on this, you'll be impressed.

Finally, I gonna say good luck' to all those moving out to university over the weekend, and have fun on freshers week, hopefully I'l see alot of you people out tonight.


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