Saturday, September 16, 2006

Daily Trawl 2

Yo so todays post starts out on the podcast tip, EVR was on point last night, two banging shows from the Fader Crew and Mark Ronson, and they came up for download today, peep More importantly, we got the next installment of the infamous WeeklyDrop, Talib Kweli & Corey Smith packed into like 15 minutes, news on kweli's album, and some talk about Dave Chapelle and Michel Gondry, anyway it's bangin' so listen.

Right so locally, we got an event of great significance coming soon, and thats the Nike SB demo at the works, the tour will begin on the 30th of september and finish around the 8th of October, covering alot of northern europe, mostly scandinavia, and as far as I am aware the works is the only UK demo.

All the good dudes, the legendary p-rod, even the famous Batty Boy of skateboarding Brian Anderson on the roster, I'm hoping to watch some good skating, and if there is even the slightest hint of a merch give away, you know i'm gonna be all that like a horrible rash, because it's Nike.

Right in terms of product, Girl skateboards have done a collab with New Era and done an all over print fitted, it's pretty neat. Rogue Status have got a photo up of new gun print shirt colourways one of those is definatley on my soon to cop list. and are both featuring pictures of the new Huf-quake, dunk low which has now dropped, but i'm sure you heads in the know already had the knowledge on that before me.

On the international tip for all you people that visit Tokyo often which I'm sure ain't many, Reed Space just opened a new store out there for more info on that though, you wanna be browsing the pictures and reading the info over with the man Nick, on theTwelve Bar
blog, a story to tell. Also I hear that Supreme just opened it's new store in Harajuku, guest at the event got a gift bag containing a Supreme box logo tshirt in some snakeskin print, and a cd.

I was going to write more, but I can't be arsed.


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