Sunday, October 22, 2006

the reintroduction

So, It's been abit hectic around here recently so I havent had much opportunity to sit down and browse and post and recently, which is very bad of me I'm sorry, and when I say hectic I really don't mean wild partying, I wish, so don't get it twisted I've been in the Library alot, with a big mass of textbooks and Law journals.

Right, I'm basically gonna some up the past month with like a collection of name drops followed by adjectives to sum them up, so here we go, 'the hundreds fall line' very weak! 'the hundreds' still cool! 'Supreme' £110 for a box logo white tee! no fucking way! 'Nike' need to drop more sb's! 'Leeds' awesome! 'Bradford' lame! 'Don't believe the HypeBeast!' JEALOUS! 'Shows' always good! 'university' fuck it! 'the library' love it! 'chinese kids' I love them all!

Right down to the nitty gritty, this week is the 'Down To Nothing' 'Blacklisted' UK tour, yes! fucking shows!! so today Is kind of monday now, so I'm off to see them In Leeds tonight and if your reading this you need to get to that show!

And I'l be back on a more regular basis from now on, So I'l post when after the show tommorrow when I have something very interesting to tell you! be easy!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

bradford life

yo, so my mood seems to change on bradford like everyday, and today Bradford is like mad shit, but I arnt saying that as a conclusion, I might wake up and think fuck yeh this great, but it's doubtful.

Anyway, I'm was hyped on the NikeSB bic's like at the start of the summer I said I was gonna cop these when they come out, and If I can get my hands on a pair of these I will be.

Right I'm like a huge Crooks&Castles too, show I had to show there new fitted collab with new era, just check the quality.

I was going to show the new aNYthing shirts too, but I didn't, becuase it ain't here is it. Two new shirts, there on there site so just do the leg work yourself..

Monday, September 18, 2006


I moved to bradford yestarday, it's alright, thats all I have to say to be honest, I was hoping something half decent would have happened for me to drop on here but no.

Also you better be checking this..

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Look Cool, Keep Warm

So it's that time of year when all the fall line's begin to drop and the hype begins. Which label is going to drop the sickest hoodie to rock during the winter months? Who's going to have the dopest collection?

Well, up to now im pretty siked on the 3sixteen fall collection. I really like all their shirt designs. They keep it clean and basic without their designs being boring or too plain. They've also dropped one of my favourite hoodies of this fall season, and in the midst of this 'all-over print' hoodie madness, its refreshing to see a label staying away from the majority and doing their own thing.

The hoodie features a version of the 3sixteen 'crown' image and is printed in black with a shiny finnish, which looks real cool. On the back of the hoodie reads the labels slogan 'The New Royalty', the text is completley stiched which adds to the quality of the piece. The hoodie is finnished of nicley with the recognisable 'picaxe' logo stiched onto the left wrist. It is clear to see that the dudes over at 3sixteen have really taken a alot of time to produce a really good looking hoodie.

Digital Gravel sold out of this hoodie really quickly, but be on the look out for a re-stock perhaps sometime soon, or check the 3sixteen website for internet stockists.

Daily Trawl 2

Yo so todays post starts out on the podcast tip, EVR was on point last night, two banging shows from the Fader Crew and Mark Ronson, and they came up for download today, peep More importantly, we got the next installment of the infamous WeeklyDrop, Talib Kweli & Corey Smith packed into like 15 minutes, news on kweli's album, and some talk about Dave Chapelle and Michel Gondry, anyway it's bangin' so listen.

Right so locally, we got an event of great significance coming soon, and thats the Nike SB demo at the works, the tour will begin on the 30th of september and finish around the 8th of October, covering alot of northern europe, mostly scandinavia, and as far as I am aware the works is the only UK demo.

All the good dudes, the legendary p-rod, even the famous Batty Boy of skateboarding Brian Anderson on the roster, I'm hoping to watch some good skating, and if there is even the slightest hint of a merch give away, you know i'm gonna be all that like a horrible rash, because it's Nike.

Right in terms of product, Girl skateboards have done a collab with New Era and done an all over print fitted, it's pretty neat. Rogue Status have got a photo up of new gun print shirt colourways one of those is definatley on my soon to cop list. and are both featuring pictures of the new Huf-quake, dunk low which has now dropped, but i'm sure you heads in the know already had the knowledge on that before me.

On the international tip for all you people that visit Tokyo often which I'm sure ain't many, Reed Space just opened a new store out there for more info on that though, you wanna be browsing the pictures and reading the info over with the man Nick, on theTwelve Bar
blog, a story to tell. Also I hear that Supreme just opened it's new store in Harajuku, guest at the event got a gift bag containing a Supreme box logo tshirt in some snakeskin print, and a cd.

I was going to write more, but I can't be arsed.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Daily Trawl

Easy, so today not much to report locally, so I'l give ya'll a breif round up of the internet happenings. So I ain't really down with this high fashion bullshit, thats for faggits and girls, but it's Olympus fashion week correct me if i'm wrong, and the Sara sweet 16 (infact 18) was on the runway modelling some items from the Kai Kuhne collection. check that shit over on MOB, she looks pretty damn good.

Ok so for those of you that are familiar with HIP in leeds, there online store openned this week, so you can purchase product right from the comfort of your home, aprently they'll be getting the new Supreme line in store, so for those of you who know/care I'm moving to bradford on Sunday, so I'l definatley be boucning over to Leeds to peep that.

The HIP online store looks pretty tight featuring alot quality brands, for example Stussy, Recon, OneTrueSaxon, Nike, MHI, Ralph lauren, Surrender, Bearbrick & Addict. It isn't fully fuctional, but give it time, should have full stock featured there soon.

So, right I've been meaning to post this for days, like when we started the blog, but never quite got round to it, personnally whenever I see the red Supreme box logo, I just naturally think 'quality' and fall line doesn't taint that image in any way, It only strenghthens it.

Ok so theres a couple of my favorite things, but checking the full line on has gotta be on your to do list for today, trust me on this, you'll be impressed.

Finally, I gonna say good luck' to all those moving out to university over the weekend, and have fun on freshers week, hopefully I'l see alot of you people out tonight.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

On the Party Tip

yo, So feeling kind of tired this morning, went to a really shit party last night, really wasn't worth the effort, and aload of nerds got aggro, like 10 of them 4 of us, and the poin blank refused to fight us, serious waste of my night.

On a lighter note, I was speaking to the lovely Tabatha last night and she informed me of updates on the blog over at MOB It's got some banging pictures of the Colette party, and some pictures of Tabatha's birthday, yo but don't take my word on it, just go read it for yourself.

It's now getting to the time of year where all the fall and autumn lines start emerging, and I recieved the all important Burton snowboard catalouge in the post this morning, every year they produce a beautiful catalouge, so perfect it should be a coffee table book, they really have it on point, and the product content is on point too, some really nice photos and artwork in there to break up the sections, really just makes me want to go snowboarding again.

As for stand out products I've got to say it is the new AK 2L jacket in the half tone print, which they have named Half-Life, really taking all over print to a new level, the took my favorite effect on paint shop, and turned it into a jacket, I mean last year the king jacket was the AK 3L in desert camo, but this just blows it away, the full range is now up on there website but I had to feature this straight up here.

Lastly for those of you that caught the BreezeBlock on radio 1 last night, some fucking mad tracks on there, had a preivew of the new Madlib track off the new StoneThrows release, Chrome Children, I got the new Madlib track and the MadVillian tracks a few weeks back on itunes, and there hot, more on that when it drops though.

Monday, September 11, 2006

10 Deep

10 Deep are getting ready to drop their Fall '06 collection, which features the return of the super popular Chain Gang hoodie, this time they will be available in red and blue, and in my opinion both colour ways look sicker than the originals.
As well as this, the new Fall line also features a selection of tee's and New Era caps, shipping begins in a couple of weeks. so "Get Your Wallets Ready."

New Record Store In Hull!

Dieter is thinking of opening a new record store in Hull above space which he already works in, Im going to help him out if he goes ahead and does it. If anyone else wants to help out get in touch it wont just sell records it will probly also sell clothing and shoes.